A LEADING Sunraysia-based agricultural and environmental consultancy has joined forces with two other leaders in the same field to deliver enhanced benchmarking, grain marketing, agronomy,
water and environmental services to farmers, business and government across Australia.

Pinion Advisory is the result of a merger between Mildura-based
Sunraysia Environmental, South Australian company Rural Directions and Tasmanian company Macquarie Franklin.

It is also the first step towards creating a global agriculture, water and environmental consulting business, through a strategic partnership with United States food and agriculture advisory firm K.Coe Isom.

The ‘face’ of Sunraysia Environmental here in Mildura has been the firm’s land capability specialist and director, Kym Luitjes, PICTURED.

Starting out as a one-man show in 1991, Kym has grown the business considerably during the past three decades, both in terms of the size of his workforce and the scope of the services the company offers.

He sees the merger of his
company as a logical next step in his firm’s evolution, allowing access to a greater range of services for his customers and professional opportunities for his existing staff.

Kym is also confident that the merger will create opportunities to employ new staff as well. 

He said Sunraysia Environmental had been working with Rural Connections for some years, and with Macquarie Franklin for the past two years as the merger took shape.

The merger has also provided Kym with an exit strategy from his business, while at the same time allowing him to take part in an
exciting new chapter in the Sun-
raysia Environmental story.

Meanwhile, new Pinion Advisory CEO, David Heinjus, said the merger will create new Australian jobs and offer valuable outcomes for farmers, industry and agribusiness.

“We have a collective team of 65 agribusiness experts and in the coming year we will be recruiting additional team members in Australia,” he said.

“Pinion will work to attract, develop and retain the best people, creating jobs and opportunities.”

With its US partner, Pinion Advisory is also investing in new knowledge, tools and systems to provide better services and value to its clients. 

“Our team will continue to offer the existing range of high-quality services provided by Sunraysia Environmental, Rural Directions and Macquarie Franklin with the merger providing the opportunity to expand these services nationwide and into the US,” Mr Heinjus said. 

“It’s exciting to be taking Australian knowledge to global markets.

“We are developing new management systems, products and services to solve common client frustrations like the ease of farm business benchmarking, precision agriculture integration, leading and managing people, water management and supply chain management.

“The Pinion team is driven by the ultimate motivation of helping growers and industry improve their business goals – whether they be increased profits, productivity, succession planning or environmental management.”

The merger is already yielding some exciting prospects which will benefit Australian farmers and businesses.

“Through our grain marketing team, we will be driving new supply chain efficiencies which will
reduce cost to the buyer and enhance prices for the supplier,” Mr Heinjus said.

“Through our sustainability team, we will soon be delivering new irrigation management services to the horticulture, viticulture and dairy industries which better utilise recycled water.” 

The Pinion Advisory merger is the result of two years’ work and planning.

“We have spent a lot of time focusing on how this will benefit our clients and our people. The four businesses are culturally aligned and have well-established track records in their industries,” Mr Heinjus said.

The move to Pinion Advisory also considers the team’s awareness of the growing trend for global mindedness.

“Our clients are operating global businesses on global terms, so we need to lift our thinking to this level to continue to be of value,” Mr Heinjus said.

“The post COVID-19 era will require even more focus in this area of understanding.”

The Pinion Advisory name came about because the word ‘pinion’ has multiple definitions that resonated with the team.

“A pinion is a small cog that drives a big cog, or there can be a ‘rack and pinion’, a steering device which provides clear direction. It is also a bird’s essential flight feather,” Mr Heinjus explained.

“For us, we see ourselves as the small cog and our clients and the industry as the big cog. We are committed to helping businesses take off, grow and succeed.”