LAST year when COVID struck, veteran Mildura hairdresser Sam Marabito was working for a local hairdressing salon and unfortunately he ended up losing his job when the lockdowns hit.

After a period of not working in his chosen field, Sam is now back in business for himself, having recently taken over the barber shop at the Mildura Working Man’s Club.

We say ‘again’ because Sam has been cutting hair for 44 years and had his own barber shop in Lime Avenue for more than 25 years called Sam’s Hair on Lime.

In the intervening years, Sam has worked in other jobs but has always kept his hand in working from home, but he prefers being in a shop where he can meet people and have a chat with them as he cuts their hair.

“The Workers was for looking for someone to open the famous barber shop after it had been closed for two years and I decided to take it on,” Sam said.

“I’m going to give it a go and hopefully I will get support from the local community with existing and new customers.

“The Workers have been fantastic and have helped me out a lot.

“They’ve been very supportive Steve Banks the manager has been fantastic and has helped me in every way to allow me to get started and settle in. He’s a real asset to the Club and the staff are great and have also been fantastic.”

Sam is a local through and through. He was born and bred here, and he has lived all of his life in Mildura.

If you’re in need of a trim pop into Sam’s at the Workers, he’s there Tuesday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday’s from 9.30am to 3pm. No appointment is necessary.