The silly season is in full swing!
TRAVELLERS on the Darling River at Wentworth will recognise this festive character sitting on the back of a boat enjoying a quite one.
Kelly McRae sent this picture to the ‘Weekly after she and her husband set up Santa outside their riverfront home near the Murray-Darling junction.
“We thought we would share with you a bit of the festive fun that my husband and I have rigged up out the front of our home for passers-by on the water of the Darling River to enjoy,” Kelly said.
“Whether they be fishing, skiing, holidaymakers on a houseboat, locals or tourists passing by, hopefully families will enjoy seeing our Santa and he brings a smile to many faces when they see the jolly old fella enjoying the great Australian outdoors with a stubby in one hand and rod in the other, hoping to hook a cod.”