Wentworth Shire Council recently announced a $679,000 fund to be put towards the construction of a new astronomy park located between the old Wentworth hospital and ski reserve.

The funding comes as part of the $1.6 million grant from the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund which was recently secured by Council.

While the official design has not been finalised, the park, it’s completion intended for December 2022, will feature plenty of open space for keen stargazers to bring their equipment to and use, and will provide interpretive signage and markings to assist all people in identifying constellations.

It is also envisaged that there would be signage describing some of the ways the Aboriginal people used the stars for navigation and storytelling.

The park will provide another exciting experience in the region and should attract more tourists.

“The astronomy park will provide another element to the intended purpose of an educational and environmental experience in the region,” Council executive assistant to the General Manager, Gayle Marsden said.

“The pathways and signage part of the project will commence in July 2021, while the main astronomy park will require more detail to be finalised, with processing of the physical works on site occurring in early 2022.”

The news of the park has many who are passionate about astronomy and stargazing intrigued and excited.

One of these people is Oasis Stargazers Club Mildura secretary, Ian Hammerton.

“It’s exciting. The more places for us or anyone else who is interested the merrier. It allows people to try out different venues,” he said.

“We’re usually set up at the Sunraysia Gliding Club but this will open up some opportunities and we would certainly visit. We’ve got 20 members and some live closer to Wentworth so it could be a convenient place to assemble as well.
“As long as there’s no high structures around the park and the area is dust-free then it should be a good experience.”