Skye recently did work experience with the ‘Weekly and penned a story about himself and the time spent with us. Here it is…

I WAS born in Palmerston North, New Zealand in 2005 and I moved to Australia in 2016. I am part Maori and part Chinese and I have family living in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, China, Hong Kong, England, and the USA, including an uncle who works for the British Royal Family in one of their palaces.

While in New Zealand, scholastically I was considered a high-achiever like the rest of my family. Unfortunately when I moved to Australia my performance went backwards for a time but I have now corrected that and I am starting to get high scores again.

The school I went to before moving to Australia was called Ross Intermediate and that was probably the best school that I ever went to. I think my decline was because I was missing that school and my friends.

When my family migrated to Australia from New Zealand, we initially moved to Broken Hill − some family were already there − including my grandparents who had moved there in 2015.

My aunty and her family who also lived there, having moved there in 2006.

We lived there for a year and I went to the Broken Hill Public School.

It was great school, but I must say I found living in Broken Hill a little quiet!

My family went on a holiday to a city 365km away called Mildura. When we first saw Mildura, we all thought “this is a great place” and we decided to move here in 2017.

We settled into a house in Mildura and I enrolled at Irymple Secondary College in the middle of Term 2.

Again with the change of schools, my educational performance dropped away again during Years 8 to 9 and I had to work hard to bring it back to a high level.

During Year 9 COVID-19 struck, and we were in isolation for five months and like almost every other student, I couldn’t go to school.

I think that’s what made me lose more marks. I still tried my best.

Now I’m in Year 10, I have started to actually want to learn more. I took on VCE Maths, STEM Science, Geography, and other subjects.

In Term 2, as I was preparing to do work experience, I was very worried because I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. Did I want to be a pilot or a paramedic?

They weren’t practical options for work experience and so my teacher suggested I apply to the Mildura Weekly.

I was successful and on Monday, July 5, I presented myself for work at 8.30am at the paper’s office in San Mateo Avenue.

I admit I was a little nervous, but more excited really. I had no idea what to expect.

I was immediately welcomed and shown around the various departments and made to feel at home.

The people I met were very friendly and a lot of fun and I got along with them really quickly, particularly as I got to know them better.

I was deployed to a different department each day and I loved being with each of them.

Day one saw me spending time in the sales department with the manager Chase Stone.

I went with him when he visited his clients and Chase even got me a hot chocolate!

Next day I was working in administration with Alex (Theodoulou) and we had lots of laughs and fun. I did some filing and made new folder books for them and taped up some boxes.

My next deployment was into the editorial department where all of the news is produced, working with the editor John Dooley.

I was given a desk and a computer and I did some research and compiled some news briefs and I also went to an event at Sunraysia Community Health Services, accompanying Eddie (Ablett) the photographer who took some photos of the opening of a courtyard which was part of NAIDOC Week celebrations.

I also spent time in production with manager Caterina (Zappia) and her team members who produce the Real Estate Guide and do the design for many of the advertisements that appear in the paper and they also edit videos that are produced in their three-camera TV studio.

I had a great time at Mildura ‘Weekly and learnt a lot about how their operations work and what is involved in producing a newspaper.

I wish I could be working there, it was great place and I thank all the staff for letting me come into their workplace.

I would also like to thank Charlie (Chambers, former general manager) too, as he was the one who arranged for me to do my work experience there.

ABOVE: Skye’s selfie taken during a joy-ride with the Aero Club.

ABOVE: A picture of Mildura from the air snapped by Skye while flying as a passenger with the Mildura Aero Club.