WELL-known comic Kitty Flanagan is bringing her hit show ‘Smashing’ to town next week, with audiences to be rolling in the aisles according to the theatre and television star.

Smashing has been doing the rounds of venues in Victoria and interstate, including the Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

“I do have a special surprise at the top of the show – so don’t be late – there’s a five minute treat… this isn’t television, you can’t run it back and watch it again,” Kitty said.

“My sister always does some music with me in the show as well and anyone who has seen my shows before would know that she travels with me, but don’t worry, it’s not serious singing!

“We do a comedy song at the end, and in between there’s a lot of hilarious ranting about Circus Soleil and all sorts of things.

“I even cover the fact that I’m bad at sex – which has been a revelation for me – this is maybe not a show you will want to bring the kids to – 15-plus I would say is the ideal age.

“I’ve never really talked about sex before on stage, so this is new ground for me, but please don’t worry, it’s not a dirty, grubby show at all – I am very conservative in that area.”

Asked where her interest in comedy has derived from, Kitty answered in one word; “desperation”.

“I’d lost my job and there was nothing else I was qualified to do, so I did a lot of waitressing, which I think is compulsory for anyone in the Arts,” she said.

In her ‘bio’, Kitty is referred to as one of Australia’s best-known comedians, before which she was one of Australia’s least-known waitresses!

Kitty is originally from Sydney, but is currently living in Melbourne while she films ‘The Weekly’, which airs on the ABC.

She shares the limelight with the show’s host Charlie Pickering and fellow cast member Tom Gleeson.

Kitty was asked what the secret to being a good comedian was?

“Being a glutton for punishment. I think in the early years especially, when it goes wrong, you have to be willing to get up and do it again,” she said. “That’s probably the toughest thing – a bad gig is pretty humiliating – and you are supposed to get up and do it again, which is probably your greatest asset.

“If you can think the next one will be better, because a bad gig can stay with you for a while, then you’ll make it. I think resilience and a sense of humour are important, but resilience is right up there.”

Kitty said the big corporate gigs can be hard work because you are in front of a specific group of like-minded people.

“When you are in front of the wrong audience, at the wrong time, like the bunch of architects I once worked in front of that didn’t find me funny, it’s tough,” she said.

“On the other hand, I did the builders and they found me hilarious, I think they enjoyed my architect jokes!”

Kitty is no stranger to Mildura, having toured here on a number of occasions.

“It’s fantastic because this time I’m coming for three nights and so we get to stay and actually enjoy the town,” she said.

“It’s going to be fun, because the more you get to know a town the more local material you can put into the show, which is always fun.”

Smashing will be performed across three nights, commencing at 8pm on Thursday, August 16, at the Mildura Arts Centre.

Tickets are $54.90, with concession, students and groups of 10-plus $49.90.