FIRE BURN AND CAULDRON BUBBLE: Joshua Maloney, left, Jaiden Iamario, Tayla Farlie and Doug Schneider, are all members of the Red Cliffs Players’ talented Macbeth cast. Photo: PAUL MENSCH


A STORY of prophecy and bloody deeds will be performed at the renowned Cardross Hall over the next two weekends.

The Red Cliffs Players will proudly present a reenactment of Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, a cursed play of ambition, witchcraft and murder.

A talented cast constructed from a variety of high school and university students, as well as older personalities from the Sunraysia district, are set to take centre stage  from April 5 to 13. 

Cast members Joshua Maloney, 16, and Tayla Farlie, 20,  said they are beyond excited to take part in the performance.

“This is my first time performing with the ‘Players’, so I’m pretty excited,” Joshua said.

“I’ve only ever performed through school, so I absolutely can’t wait for next weekend.”

Tayla, although having previously taken part of a few performances with the Red Cliffs Players, said Macbeth will be her first Shakespearian production

“I can’t wait either,” Tayla said. 

“I’m really excited, but I think we’re all starting to get a little bit nervous as it gets closer,” she laughed.

Beginning the rehearsal for Macbeth in mid-January, the production has been a task worked on by many.

Managing this large group of passionate actors is Keiron Hudson.

Making his directorial debut, Keiron, more commonly known as ‘Roadie’, is a gallery and theatre technician by trade and a long-time member of the ‘Players’.

Although preferring to keep backstage, Keiron has always had a passion for theatre and the words of Shakespeare.

“It’s been great as a director to see the younger actors learn from those older and more experienced members,” Keiron said.

“I think that’s been the best part. 

“They’re a fantastic group, they’ve all worked really hard, and it should be a great night.”

The Red Cliffs Players, performing locally for about 60 years, has always held a place open for those with a passion for theatre.

Always looking for new members, the cast of Macbeth urge anyone who thinks they have a flair for the spotlight, costuming, or even working behind the curtain to come and join the crew at Cardross Hall.

“We’d also just like people to know that the show may not appeal to younger audiences,” Keiron said.

“It will be a great performance, but maybe just a warning for those easily startled.”

On that note, the Red Cliffs Players are inviting one and all to “join them in the bloodshed.” 

For more information, and to keep up to date with the upcoming theatre productions follow ‘Red Cliffs Players’ on Facebook.

To book tickets visit, and search for ‘Red Cliffs Players, Macbeth.’

Doors will open 30 minutes before the performance. A bar will be available, but the event is strictly no BYO.