By Zoey Andrews

THERE’S no denying the Sunraysia community is currently in a state of anxiety due to the unfolding COVID situation.

But spare a thought for those among us who have added anxiety and even some confusion as they face one of life’s biggest events in extremely different circumstances to normal.

Mildura’s Emily Bamford is one of those expectant mothers, with the new addition to her family due on Sunday.

Emily, and her husband, Paul, have a daughter, Ruby, but this birth is shaping up to be very different to that of her first.

Emily had only Paul as her birth partner last time by choice, this time around the decision was made for her as Mildura Base Public Hospital this week implemented a ‘no visitors’ rule as the facility was classed a Tier 1 exposure site.

“I do have a couple of concerns, which are entering a Tier 1 exposure site (the hospital), how long will I be able to stay in hospital if further care is needed post birth for myself or the baby and how long will my partner be able to stay with me and the baby post birth,” Emily said.

“This could all change at any time which is the biggest concern.”

Emily said not being able to have visitors after the birth is disappointing, as welcoming a new family member is exciting, but she is focusing on the positives.

“It will be great uninterrupted bonding time for myself and baby Bamford two and hopefully I can get some rest before heading home to the chaos of a toddler and a new born,” she added.

With a visitor allowed to the home for purpose of care giving, Emily’s mum, Narelle, will now be able to assist after the birth once Emily arrives home, after her family trip to Queensland for a wedding was cancelled for a second time.

“That’s lucky for me, but sad for my cousins to have another wedding cancelled,” Emily said.

While Emily is trying to remain optimistic about the situation, there are other local expectant mum’s who also have concerns about the situation.

One, who asked to be anonymous, said she is worried about not being able to have her partner and son visit herself and their new arrival after birth.

“I’m also concerned about giving birth and staying in a Tier 1 location,” she added.

“I originally planned to have more family members come in for the birth as support and now that’s not able to happen.

“My last labor was quite traumatic so more support would of been very helpful this time so it is making me feel a little anxious.”

After being induced the first time around, she said it is likely she will have to go through the same process again and not being able to have more than one support person, or visitors after the birth, is what is going to impact on her most mentally.