AS PART of its Beyond the Front Step program, Mallee Sports Assembly has teamed up with the 34-year-old
Irymple Bocce Club and they are inviting people to come along to the club on Wednesday afternoons from 1pm to join in the fun program which runs until December 16.
“Beyond the Front Step program is about encouraging and supporting people over 65 to try new activities in their local community,” Mallee Sports Assembly pro-
ject officer, Tanya Wild said.
“It also aims to build capacity of groups to deliver age appropriate activities for older adults and improve people’s understanding of the benefits of regular physical activity, mental wellbeing and social connections.”
Bocce’s origins are said to date back to 5000 BC, where evidence of Egyptian cave paintings depict Nile Delta boys playing something that resembles bocce.
Best known in Italy however, where you may see a group of retired Sicilians gathered in a town square for a daily afternoon game, bocce is popular throughout many European countries and has been gaining popularity around the world and is common sight in Australia.
Long-time member Mario Carfora said that bocce is a great interest to have and keeps him fit.
“It’s good exercise and I love the social side of the game as well,” he said. “I was here when we built this club − I was much younger then!”
Tanya said it is about supporting the local bocce club which had been unable to meet for many months until the recent easing of restrictions on sporting
“A lot of people in that age group have told us that they want to try some different sports and activities,” she said.
“However, anyone is welcome and they don’t need to be over 65, they can be any age group and women are particularly welcome.”
“It’s a free program and whether they want to come down for half and hour or three hours − it’s up to them.
“The members here are really willing and able to teach people the basics of the game and it’s an oppor-
tunity to have some real fun. So why not come and join the fun and excitement that will be involved in learning and playing bocce.”
The club is based at 5 Lochhead Ave, Irymple, behind the Senior Citizens Centre. Registration is essential, please contact Mallee Sports Assembly’s office on phone 5021 3464; mobile 0417 925 539 or email