STREET Stocks are considered the entry level for drivers wanting to get involved in speedway.

They can be basic, are allowed no modification and drivers still have a ball competing in them.

The class caters for beginners all the way through to the highly experience and skilled, which is another pro to them.

Some might not look as flash as the other sedan speedway types, or they might not go as fast as other classes, but when you get a big field of Street Stock drivers together, including some of the best the category has to offer, you are guaranteed a great night of racing.

So it’s only fair to assume those track side at Timmis Speedway tomorrow night will get just that – action packed, no holds barred, panel to panel racing, as drivers compete to win not only the MJS Street Stock Series round that is being held, but the annual Top Gun feature.

Although nominations don’t close until 12pm tomorrow, numbers are already looking good, and the quality even better.

Fresh from claiming the Victorian Street Stock Title in Swan Hill Matt Nelson has nominated, along with Ricky Cornwall, who finished second and Jason Degoldi, who finished the Title in fifth.

Former Australian champion Mark Jennings has also nominated and then there are the contenders from Sunraysia – including Benny Aworth, fan favourite Jason Faux and the Fell family, who will be running two cars.

Father and daughter combination Wade and Xanthe Fell have nominated in the Number 97, while Wade’s brother Bart will run the Number 79 car.

After their campaign at the Victorian Title last weekend, which Wade described as frustrating due to a number of factors, Mildura Weekly journalist Zoey Andrews caught up with Wade and Xanthe as they unloaded their race cars last Monday on their return to Mildura.

There’s a friendly and fun competitiveness between the two, because although tomorrow night Xanthe will be riding passenger while her Dad drives, she’s been known to steer the team’s second car on occasion this season, and she boasts that every time she has raced her Dad, she has beaten him.

To be fair, Wade has had disastrous luck this season on the race track.

He’s on his fourth engine in what is his first season in the car and more often than not, from rubbing panels with other drivers, the car looks a bit worse for wear after a meeting, like it did on Monday.

At least it shows he’s having a go, even if he doesn’t have the best of luck.

But he explains that is the speedway story – you can have a long run of bad luck, and you have just one good run and the sport has you hooked again.

Wade’s been a big supporter of the MJS Street Stock Series.

He raced his first Series nine seasons ago and didn’t miss a meeting.

He recalls fondly it was also the season he won his first feature race.

Wade has attempted to compete in every round of this Series, and don’t get him started on the one he missed due to a family wedding. As Xanthe chipped in lightheartedly – “everyone knows you can’t have a wedding during the racing season”.

Wade is also a huge supporter of speedway here locally in Mildura, with his business – WK Posi Track Hire – one of the naming sponsors for the meeting tomorrow night.

Originally Wade was meant to be driving the newer car this weekend, while Bart and Xanthe were in the older car, but their plans changed, with Wade explaining in jest that Xanthe wanted to go fast, something she will do with him as driver, but not with Bart at the wheel.

Xanthe said Wade has given her two pieces of advice to keep in mind on the track: “Keep the revs up,” she said, and “hold your racing line.”

With nearly a season of solid results in the drivers seat, a bit of confidence behind her, and the banter her Dad and her share, it might be interesting through as to who is dishing out the advice come tomorrow night.

Regardless, you get the feeling the pair will have a great time no matter what.

Juniors, Modified Sedans and Wingless will also be on track tomorrow night.

Tickets are available from and racing will be from 6pm.