The Sunraysia Bread and Butter Bakery took out a whopping 13 awards in last weekend’s ‘Shepparton Bread Show’ hosted by Baking Association of Australia (BAA) as part of their Victorian Baking Show series of competitions.

Around 82 entrants from Victoria, South Australia and further around Australia entered the show, with the Bread and Butter Bakery winning more than half of the 20 categories it entered into.

Baker Hayley Kellett, who was one of the entrants for the bakery, was thrilled with the results.

“It felt amazing. We won first place in categories covering everything from white breads to sourdoughs or multi grains,” she said.

“We also got our apprentices to enter as well to give them that experience and to allow them to see what the industry is all about, so it was great.”

This marked the third year the bakery has entered one of the BAA’s competitions and they’ve been bringing home more awards each time, something Hayley says is a product of the bakers’ abilities to learn and improve.

“We’re always listening to judges, getting feedback and improving our product,” she said.

“We also go around and get some feedback off other competitors, ask questions, find out what they do – it all helps a lot and it’s fantastic that we’re always improving.”

Sunraysia Bread and Butter owner Dean Picken said he was very lucky to have a great team of bakers who enjoy entering competitions and getting these results.

“Everyone is pretty wrapped,” he said.

“Given it was quite hot last weekend, that affects the quality of the products a fair bit, but in saying that, they just adjust as they go.
“Winning in that many categories demonstrates the strength of the quality of the product they produce, which is really gratifying and shows them what they can achieve when they try hard and of course our customers are the beneficiary of their great work.”

Sunraysia Bread and Butter now have two stores in Mildura, one on Deakin Avenue (formerly the Deakin Bakery) and one on Fifteenth Street in Irymple.

They decided to change their name to accommodate for this.

“Changing the name has been a positive a move and it has gone down well and we haven’t heard a bad word said about it,” Dean said.

“Having two stores we felt we needed to change the name to incorporate the two under the one umbrella and having the Sunraysia name in front of it has given it a bit more of a local feeling.”