TODAY, from 10:30am to midday, 350 Mallee Climate Action Group will be taking part in School Strike for Climate’s (SS4C) ‘Solidarity Sit down’.

Held in solidarity for those being affected by drought and bushfires, and demanding real climate action from the current Government, the Sit Down will take place out the front of the member for Mallee Dr Anne Webster’s Electret MP Office.

“350 Mallee and SS4C believe our Government’s in-action on the climate crisis is currently contributing to catastrophic fire and drought conditions,” 350 Mallee member Sophie Appleby said.

“As a result, people are suffering, communities are being devastated – and Summer hasn’t even begun!

“Leaders have repeatedly ignored Indigenous leaders and firefighters across Australia and their warnings of a spiralling bushfire crisis, and have failed to provide the support needed to manage these bushfires in a time of climate crisis. 

“Currently, all our Government has to offer are thoughts, prayers, and more support for coal, oil and gas projects.

“We are demanding increased support for Indigenous land management, the Rural Fire Service and real climate action – as well as no new coal, oil and gas projects, 100% renewable energy and exports by 2030, funding for a just transition and jobs for fossil fuel workers and communities.”

Recently taking part in the global march for climate action, almost 300 Sunraysia residents marched from Henderson Park to Langtree Mall last September – but have still had no response from from local and Federal Government. 

“350 Mallee want our local members to recognise that now is the most important time to discuss the climate emergency, and to take immediate action,” Sophie said. 

“Our community is already seeing and feeling the effects of climate change here in Mildura, and they extremely concerned for the future of the region.”