Merbein Angler John Sugars is pretty adept at catching some great native fish, like the lovely yellow belly perch he is PICTURED holding after he hooked it last weekend.

John makes his own lures and his wife Leigh contacted the ‘Weekly unbeknown to him, to tell us about his custom made lures, including the ‘Dusty’, named after the great Richmond footballer Dustin Martin.

“I’ve been fishing since I was eight or nine, and I like to make my own lures, but I’m looking forward to getting a couple of new ones from Kym’s store,” John said.

“The perch are running at the moment, and I picked up a 50cm one and two 48cms on lure. Those were caught on the ‘Richo’!”

John said he was delighted to have won the fishing package and thanked Mildura Outdoor and Tackle and the ‘Weekly for the prize.

The store’s owner Kym Sykes said that John’s catches were evidence that the fishing is pretty good at the moment.

“There’s plenty of perch going at the moment, so all you have to do is be in the water and you’ve got a chance,” Kym said.

“At the moment lures seem to be enticing a bite and bait is getting a lot of carp, but the lures are definitely hooking the natives.”

With Easter on the horizon Kym is looking forward to a busy time unlike last year’s non-event.

“We’ve been very fortunate this year with the nice mild summer that we’ve had and the weather has been great recently ahead of Easter. If this mild weather continues through to Easter, it will be good for the town,” he said.

“We will have an Easter and while the ski race is off, they are trying to get Show and Shine off the ground, which will be a great reason for people to be in town.”

To be in the running to win a fishing package from Mildura Outdoor and Tackle send in your fishing stories and photos to