Since the roll-out of the Pfizer sub-hub in June 2021, community registrations for the Pfizer vaccination through Sunraysia Community Health Services (SCHS) have exceeded 2400.

In this time, the State Government have announced significant reductions in Pfizer supplies which has ultimately impacted the allocation SCHS have to distribute to our community.

SCHS CEO Simone Heald said that SCHS are currently in a position where community demand far outweighs supply.

“Therefore, the difficult decision has been made to close off registrations until further notice,” she said.

“I appreciate that this decision may cause some angst amongst the community but it is unfortunately an unavoidable one, at this stage.”

Ms Heald confirmed that all those who have registered to date will retain their position on the list for an appointment as they become available.

As previously communicated, SCHS have an obligation to prioritise those eligible under the 1a and 1b categories, however, people that qualify in those categories that have not yet registered will now be required to wait until registrations reopen.

In addition, with the recent announcement that Aged Care workers are mandated by law to be fully vaccinated by September 2021, people in this category will also be given priority.

“Several local GP clinics currently have or will be making the Pfizer vaccination available to their clients, please take this opportunity to discuss your options with your GP,” Ms Heald said.

“I’d also like to encourage those that may be travelling to areas outside of the Sunraysia region to consider contacting a vaccination clinic at their destination should appointments there be more readily available.”

Please note that this is only relevant to the Pfizer vaccination, AstraZeneca will continue to be distributed without change and the COVID19 testing clinic remains open.

The SCHS website and social media platforms will continue to be updated regularly in relation to any developments.