IT’S a bit of a case of “Back to the Future” at Timmis Speedway tomorrow night as they host an event dedicated entirely to classic and vintage speedway cars.

And in what is great news for locals, the event is free – with the Mildura Speedway Drivers Club deciding to give back to Sunraysia after a challenging period and throwing its gates open for the community and family friendly event.

When the idea was floated some time ago, Angelo Halacas, from the speedway, said he thought getting around 40 nominations would be “pretty cool”.

But for this weekend, drivers are coming from far and wide, with nominations from Adelaide and Sydney and everywhere in between.

Halacas said since drivers from yesteryear had heard about the event, some had endeavored to locate their original cars, take possession of them and restore them for the event.

He said the classic and vintage cars movement is currently one of the fastest growing in speedway.

Forming part of the nominations for tomorrow night will be eight sprintcars, six speedcars, 14 old sedans, ranging from Valiants to VK Commodores, and 20 Heavy Weight Hot Rods.

Such has been the interest that the club has opted to dedicate the whole event to the old timers, when it was originally planned to have classes from the modern day fill in the gaps.

Peter Hall is one of the drivers who is looking forward to getting out on track tomorrow night.

A big car enthusiast, Hall cannot wait to get in the driver’s seats of his Formula 500 and speedcar.

Hall raced for a couple of seasons at Timmis Speedway, back when the fence was still made from palm trees (a long time ago), before giving it away when his Torana couldn’t keep up.

Hall, who used to own the Jayco Mildura business, came across a speedcar sitting in a customers yard about four years ago and it was then he knew it was time to acquire another speedway vehicle.

He purchased his speedcar from Adelaide, although it used to be raced in Queensland.

With a fresh lick of paint, the car, which is methanol injected and has a Volkswagen motor, is pristine.

While that car is ready to go, Hall was earlier this week still tinkering away on his Formula 500.

An addition to his collection three years ago, Hall said he liked the shape of the car, which he found old fashioned, and so it was a must purchase.

Hall is the cars second owner, with the first, located in Adelaide, racing the car himself.

The Formula 500 has a twin cylinder, four stroke Kawasaki motor.

To his knowledge, Halacas said Mildura is the only dedicated, full time speedway to host an event like tomorrow night and the club plans on making it an annual event, with the meeting expected to open the racing season next season.

Apart from the entry to the event being free, everything else will be per any other normal speedway meeting, with the bar and canteens in full operation.

The event tomorrow night is the second last meeting for Timmis Speedway this season.