THE FESTIVE season was alive with colour and movement in the Mildura Mall this week, as parents and their children visited Santa’s workshop and his Reindeer Academy, as Christmas Day fast approaches.
Mildura City Heart manager Danielle Hobbs said the pre-Christmas activities were being enjoyed more than ever this year.
“It’s been going very well. I think because everybody has been hibernating all year, we wanted to make sure that Christmas was impressive this year,” she said.
“It’s been exceptionally well received and patronised during the past couple of weeks, which is wonderful.
“We have a regular place for our photos with Santa, but this year we aren’t able to do the ‘official’ photos, but Santa is forever photo-bombing!
“We also have Santa’s Den, complete with a piano to play and a desk where the children can write a wish-list note to Santa, and to top it off, we have the reindeer.”
The Reindeer Training Academy is a special treat for the kids. Santa brought his reindeer swith him to Mildura this year to have the children help him train them up to be big and strong ready to pull his present laden sleigh on Christmas Eve.
Much to their delight, the kids were able to ride the mechanical reindeer around the academy while getting them used to the work ahead.
“We have had kids of all ages here this year, and it’s really lovely to see both boys and girls really engaged in the game of training reindeer – it’s really sweet to see,” Danielle added.
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