Member for Mallee Anne Webste, Federal Regional Health Minister Mark Coulton and National Rural Health Commissioner, Professor Ruth Stewart, today announced an expansion of the Federal Government’s ‘Remote Vocational Training Scheme’ (RVTS), aimed at tackling rural doctor shortages.

Robinvale and Dareton will join 15 more remote areas around the country that will be able to provide wage security to doctors while they train to become GP specialists.

“The Federal Government understands the importance of addressing GP shortages in the bush and that it requires a range of initiatives that support training, recruitment and retention,” Minister Coulton said.

The initiative will hopefully be able to attract more up-and-coming GPs to the area and encourage them to stay long term to provide their services to the community.

Dr Webster said the Coalition Government understood that doctors and other primary and allied professionals are in short supply in Mallee.

“I am fully behind the ‘train local, stay local’ mantra. The evidence shows that if we grow our own talent in the regions, people are far more likely to stay in the long term.

“I look forward to seeing the benefits of the scheme in Mallee. Your health status should not be determined by your postcode. I’ll keep fighting for positive change in healthcare.”

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