WITH just over a week to go until the federal election, the competition for the seat of Mallee has really hotted up with United Australia Party leader, Craig Kelly, visiting Mildura today to support their party’s candidate Stuart King.

Mr Kelly said that the upcoming election was the most important in our nation’s history and he is urging people in Mallee to rethink their traditional voting habits and to give the United Australia Party a go.

“There are so many things that regional towns in Mallee need,” he said.

“More resources, more infrastructure and Mr Morrison and Mr Albanese have been wandering around the country for over a month and they haven’t set out how they are going to pay for increasing the resources and money flowing to regions like Mallee.

“The United Australia Party has. We have set out a bold plan with a 15% export licence to be placed on our iron ore, that will enable us to put $40 billion into hospitals around this nation.”

Mr Kelly said that seats like Mallee are completely underfunded by the Liberal and National parties. “We will see that underfunding stop and we won’t have to borrow more money to do it,” he said.

“Our other policies will see great regional centres like Mildura be reinvigorated to create jobs and to attract people from the cities to live and work in regional areas.

“We are going to give a 20% tax discount on all businesses and all personal income tax to people who live 200 kilometres outside of our capital cities.

“The businesses in the regions deserve a lower rate of tax and that will see towns like Mildura reinvigorated, and it will see more investment and businesses relocating from the cities to set up here.

“We will also see more young people attracted to Mallee because of the low housing prices.”

Mr King said that he believes that the United Australia Party has overtaken the National Party as the party for regional Australia.

“The National Party has deserted its grass roots membership and they no longer represent the needs and wants of regional people,” he said.

“They have just become another arm of the Liberal Party and they offer nothing different anymore.

“Things like a 20% regional tax concession is proof that we really care about regional Australia and we want to see investment grow in places like Mallee.

“It will be great for cities like Mildura, Swan Hill, Maryborough and Horsham as well as towns like Birchip, Donald and Stawell ,all places that are screaming out for more investment.”

The United Australia Party has also pledged to fix existing home mortgage rates at 3% for the next five years if they are elected to government.

The Weekly will have further coverage of Mr Kelly’s visit in our paper next Friday.

Photo: United Australia Party volunteer Mathew Quinn with party leader Craig Kelly and Mallee candidate Stuart King at the pre-poll centre in Eighth Street, Mildura.