A once familiar sight, a Virgin 737 lands at Mildura Airport.











ANOTHER bitter blow for Mildura came yesterday with news that Virgin Airlines is cutting their Melbourne to Mildura route, one of 10 routes ditched by the struggling airline.

A spokesperson for Virgin said the airline had made the decision to withdraw services from Uluru, Albury, Tamworth, Hervey Bay, Mildura and Cloncurry for the foreseeable future.

“With the changes to simplifying our fleet and ongoing subdued customer demand, we have been required to make some adjustments to our network. We remain committed to regional Australia and plan to continue flying to 20 regional destinations across Australia.”

Mildura Airport Chairman Peter O’Donnell said that the airport is very disappointed that Virgin has dropped the Mildura to Melbourne route after 12 years, but understand that they need to restructure their new business.

“We still have two airlines servicing the route and are confident that they can provide sufficient seat capacity for our travellers,” he said.

The spokesperson for Virgin said the airline would contact people with existing bookings, but ticket-holders who had booked through a travel agent would need to contact them directly.