ENORMOUS tree stumps have helped replenish Darling River snags.

The collaboration by traditional owners and volunteers from Western Landcare and the OzFish Sunraysia Chapter has also seen root balls positioned downstream of Ellerslie, north of Wentworth.

The section of the Darling was identified as a vital site to re-snag because it had lacked complex habitat.

The snags will increase breeding environments, add natural food sources and create a sustainable native fish community, resulting in benefits not only to the local environment and waterway but to recreational fishers in the region.

Western Landcare co-ordinator Thel O’Shea said: “Western Landcare is really excited to be working with OzFish on this project. We are big believers that a huge part of this project is the community awareness aspect and getting as many local groups involved as we can.”

“It is very important for these projects to go ahead, so that conversations can start around why resnagging is important for the sustainable ecology and the fish populations in the Darling and Murray rivers.

“By having these projects and inviting the community along to on site workshops we are able to deliver the messages that benefit the river ecosystems and promote responsible and sustainable river activities.

OzFish project manager for the Murray-Darling Basin, Braeden Lampard has praised local recreational fishers and land carers for continuing to get informed and involved in fish habitat improvement work.

“The project has seen us all come together to enhance our knowledge of the importance of fish habitat, provide long-term benefits to native fish and assist with achieving a more productive fishery,” said Braeden.

Wilbur Wilson, an OzFish member and an advocate for native fish, says “there’s a saying in the fishing community, find the structure and you’ll find the fish”.

“So naturally, these logs being installed will one day be targeted by recreational anglers as a good place to fish,” said Wilbur.

The collaboration by OzFish and Landcare NSW partnership had funding from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts and the Federal Government Communities Environment Program.