THERE WAS an atmosphere of love in the air at Mildura Base Public Hospital to celebrate Week of Joy, an action-packed event rewarding staff for their hard work and dedication during what has been a testing year.
Apart from having to manage the coronavirus pandemic, staff at the hospital also lived through the transition back to public management, which took effect in September.
Hospital CEO Terry Welch said that the base has an amazing team of people.
“One of the things I and our board are big on, is that we like people to have fun at work,” he said. “It’s a very serious business of course, but the reality is that we are really looking to bring that spirit back and to continue to build on the spirit of the base hospital within the new entity, and the Week of Joy is very much about that,” Mr Welch said.
“We’ve organised a great fun week of activities in the hospital’s outdoor garden courtyard this week and the staff have absolutely embraced it and the spirit’s really vibrant – it’s fantastic.
“We have something different on every day. Today we are delighted to have the Chaffey students here from the Advance 2020 class who generously donated some care pack hampers to our staff for their work during the year in keeping the community COVID safe.
“It is so important that we connect with the community and we are very outward looking and it is great for the Chaffey kids to be able to come here and for them to be able to speak in front of more than 100 people and that gives them some different experiences and lets them have fun.”
Students from Chaffey College took part in the distribution of the contents of the care-packs to the hospital’s staff, who took part in a trivia quiz to vie for their share of the goodies!Great food was served every lunchtime in the courtyard and pancakes cooked for the night duty staff.
Yesterday, celebrity cook and Mildura councillor, Stefano de Pieri, had his apron on cooking up a huge paella dish.
“It’s all about fun and rewarding this team for the amazing work they do,” Mr Welch said acknowledging that 2020 had been a challenging year for his staff.
“Our people have had to manage COVID and a transition to new management and those two things alone are an enormous episodes and then you put them together – they are a remarkable team.
“The beauty of today is that you can see every part of our workforce out here,” he said.