A FIELD of 16 candidates are in the running to be on the next Wentworth Shire Council.

Voters will head to the polls on December 4 for Local Government elections across New South Wales.

Of the eight current councillors in Wentworth Shire, six are running again, while Don McKinnon and Peter Nunan have not put their names on ballots.

Former Member for Mildura Peter Crisp has put his hand up to return to the council he served on for three years before rising to state politics.

Mr Crisp, PICTURED, said he had decades of experience representing and fighting for local communities.

“I know strong communities are those which have suitable infrastructure, health care and services, and where everyone feels connected and valued,” he said.

“I will bring this to my role on council, should I be elected.”

Gol Gol cropping farmer and former Mallee Sustainable Farming chair Daniel Linklater was among those to nominate to sit on council for the first time.

Mr Linklater, the youngest candidate at 40, said ensuring the shire kept up with growth would be a focus if elected.

He said infrastructure and services, including education, were important in promoting a high level of liveability.

“Obviously the shire has experienced high rates of development, which is a really exciting thing, but I think there are challenges that throws up around infrastructure and services, so I’m keen to advocate for that,” he said.

Buronga resident Jo Rodda, who works self-employed in the events industry, would like to see more of a focus on events in the Wentworth Shire.

She also wanted to ensure the Buronga and Gol Gol end of the shire was fairly represented.

The Mildura Field Days co-ordinator and C.H.A.I.L.I.S treasurer said she was motivated by a passion for the community after moving back to NSW about three years ago.

“I feel like I have something to offer and if I were given the privilege of representing our community I would do so with the same passion as everything else I’m involved with,” Ms Rodda said.

Brian Beaumont, Ash Beechey, Steve Cooper, David Munday, Geoff Pegler, Kerry Roulston and Colin Thiele area also seeking a seat on council.

Councillors Tim Elstone, Greg Evans, Steve Heywood, Jane MacAllister, Sue Nichols and Bill Wheeldon are all seeking another term.

The Local Government elections had been due to take place in 2020 but were postponed due to COVID-19.

Voters were encouraged to check their voting options, with all voters now eligible to vote before election day and expanded eligibility for postal voting.