“What’s the border opening plan, Gladys?”

Mildura Regional Development are putting pressure on the NSW Government when it comes to state border closures.

CEO Brett Millington says a key component of our region’s economy relies on our cross-border relationship with Wentworth Shire Council residents.

“For them to not be able to travel freely for day-to-day interactions is having a significant impact on our community, not only financially, but it is now beginning to take a mental toll on people’s livelihoods.”

Chair of Mildura Regional Development, Geoff Thomson, also owns and operates a private business selling linen.

“The state border closure within a cross-border region is adding additional pressures to local businesses who transport goods and services to and from the region and who are already suffering from the implications added from the Victorian industry restrictions,” Mr Thomson said.

“As an organisation that represents regional development, growth and support for business, it’s very important for us (MRD) to push back on Government in the hope of easing these restrictions and having a plan for reopening.”

Mr Millington pointed out the Mildura region has had no COVID active cases in over 150 days.

“Which is far more than the required period the state is looking at when evaluating the easing of restrictions and moving along its ‘road map’,”Mr Millington said.

“The tourism industry is one hardest hit, add that with the border closure and you have a range of river users such as paddleboat and houseboat operators who have had to close their doors to suit bureaucracy,” he said.