IT was at Timmis Speedway’s 50th anniversary meeting, while standing on the iconic “hill” in the pits overlooking racing that the dream was born.

A discussion took place between the late Col Beasley, Jim Halacas and his son Angelo as they overlooked the racing.

It was then that Col floated the idea of getting his beloved green sprintcar back up and running.

Not long after, Col passed away unexpectedly, and his loss was felt not only by the speedway community, but motorsports followers and participants on a wide scale.

It was not long after that Angelo decided it was time to bring Col’s dream to fruition, to create a piece of history to honour a man who meant so much to so many, including Angelo himself.

As Angelo said, the car was a big part of him growing up.

He can recall many fond memories of his dad crewing for Col on the car.

Angelo also has a photo of himself sitting in the original car at only four or five years old.

The original sprintcar had been destroyed in a crash after Col sold it, but Angelo located its sister chassis, ironically just around the corner from his parents’ house.

From there, it just all fell into place – like it was meant to be, Angelo said.

He scouted around the paddock and found the original steering wheel from Col’s sprintcar, and some other bits and pieces that have now formed the refurbished version.

He was even able to make the panel molds from the original panels on the sprintcar and the paint mirrors the original design.

Nowadays, the sprintcar takes pride of place in Angelo’s shed, but on special occasions, like the up-coming Timmis Speedway meeting, he jumps at the chance to get out on track.

You’ll be able to see Angelo in action at the October 2 meeting.

By Zoey Andrews