GOL Gol swimmer Willem Allen broke a number of his personal best times at the recent 2021 Victorian Sprint Championships.
The 14-year-old broke personal records in the backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle events over 50m.
His best results came in a fourth place in freestyle, achieving the Boys Under 14 50m Freestyle National Qualifying time, and a fifth place in breaststroke.”I think I performed pretty well last weekend,” Allen said.
“I was expecting some improvement since my 50m times were recorded prior to Covid and I have had a lot of time to progress since then.”
In achieving his results Allen said it was nice knowing he had accomplished something for the first time and it reassured him where he is currently at and how far he can go in the sport.
Allen, who has been competing in the pool for the past six years, said achieving national times were his biggest achievement as it opened up a lot of opportunities and gave him a goal to work towards.
His results on the weekend came after he was forced to withdraw from the recently held South Australian Country Swimming Championships due to restrictions preventing him travelling from his home state of New South Wales to South Australia.
“I was looking forward to competing at my first major competition back from Covid and it would’ve been nice to experience the atmosphere and be around the team,” he said.
Allen trains five to six sessions a week in the pool, mixed in with afternoon and early morning trainings.
Despite moving away to Melbourne for boarding school in the coming weeks, he will remain equally as focused − and plans to utilise the school’s new 50m indoor pool.
“I’m hoping to take it up another level,” Allen said, adding he will be able to compete in more and bigger competitions.
“I am looking to join a club within the school and train on campus at their new facility.
“I will certainly miss all aspects of the Mildura Swim Club and I’m excited to see how much the current swimmers of MSC will have developed and progressed throughout the year.”
Allen ultimately would like to medal at a national level or make the Australia team and compete at the World Championships.